Corrine Torr

Corinne graduated from the University of Queensland in 2010 with First Class Honours in Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Corinne has since gained experience in a number of areas of Physiotherapy including cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal, chronic pain, burns and women’s health.

Corinne is passionate about holistic management of musculoskeletal pain and combines manual therapy, education and exercise prescription in her treatment approach. She has experience in treating musculoskeletal conditions in a range of settings including private practice, emergency department, multidisciplinary pain centre and hospital outpatient department. Corinne has developed her skills in this area by completing courses in the management of spinal pain, muscle control around the hip and pelvis, and Clinical Pilates.

Additionally, Corinne has worked as a clinical educator for undergraduate Physiotherapy students for their musculoskeletal unit. She has also been involved in the development of education and exercise programs for pain management and antenatal care, so enjoys including an education element in her classes. Corinne loves to dance and has enjoyed combining her Physiotherapy and dance training to develop fun and effective Pilates classes for women in the child bearing years.